Evan Sanders
Here Are 7 Ways I Can
Help You As A Life Coach
Evan Sanders
From Evan Sanders
San Francisco, CA

Hey there!

My 1-on-1 life coaching program is about one thing, and one thing only: helping you to live the most fulfilled life possible. 

I've spent over a decade studying personal development and coaching hundreds of people around the world to transform their lives, and I'm confident that I can get you to where you really want to be. 

My holistic approach covers every aspect of your life, and the seven areas we will work on together include:
1. Mind
Your mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. 

Many of us are trapped by our pasts and stuck in conditioned ways of thinking that can last for years.

This is why it often seems like the same thing continues to happen to us over and over again, no matter what we do. 

In light of this, the development of a calm, clear, and open mind 
becomes incredibly important, and here's how we develop that:

Rather than focusing on the surface-level problems, we'll get down to the deeper roots of your issues, working together to finally address the causes.

Think of it as focusing on the roots of the tree versus the leaves. When you address the causes, you not only have an opportunity for insight and understanding but also a chance to develop new skills and tools, to ensure these issues won't reappear in the future.

However, we don't stop there. 

By offering new distinctions, stepping into practices, and developing an awareness of how the mind works, we can break free entrenched ways of thinking and open ourselves up to entirely new possibilities. 

The result is that our mind becomes our greatest tool and ally. 

Colleen B.

"Working with Evan is challenging, fulfilling, rewarding, and surprisingly fun! His coaching allows me to navigate my own course which at times can feel daunting, yet knowing I have him behind me gives me peace and courage to keep doing the work. Although he won’t do the work for me (believe me, I've asked), he will make damn sure he is not only the best coach but also my greatest cheerleader along the way. Choosing to work with Evan has undoubtedly been one of the greatest investments I have ever (and will ever) make in myself."
2. Emotions
Almost everyone has difficulty working with their emotions at some point. 

When the good ones arrive, we try to hold onto them forever, but when the bad ones show up, we try to run away from them, bury and burn, stuff them dow, and forget about them...and everything else in between. 

The result is that we find ourselves constantly going up and down on the rollercoaster of life and feeling continuously burned out. This is a big sign of the need to develop some emotional stability. 

Here’s how we do it:

Together, we make one very important fundamental shift. 

Instead of running from our emotions in fear and judgment, we turn towards them, seeking wisdom and understanding. 

This will help you create the space needed to understand your emotions, why they are present, and how to productively work with them. 

I'll help you deepen your relationship with your emotions and free yourself from constantly being swept away by fear, doubt, and worry. 

This will leave you with a far greater level of emotional intelligence and a new capacity for self-control and stability.
3. Body
More than ever, we are being bombarded by endless work, constant overstimulation, buckets of stress, food choices at every corner, and a relentless go-go-go attitude. 

On top of all of that, there's huge societal pressure to live the "good life" you see on social media, TV, magazines, and pretty much everywhere you look.

The result? We end up completely out of touch with what our body needs.

Ignoring the wisdom of our bodies - whether deliberate or accidental - is one of the greatest mistakes we can make. There are hundreds of indicators (fatigue, dark circles, weight gain, pain, etc.) that signal that we are out of balance and need to address deeper underlying issues. 

Here's how we make the change:

Together, we'll make the shift towards wellness, vitality, rest, nourishment, strength and connection. 

We catch our breath for once. 

We slow down and listen to what our bodies actually need. 

We engage in practices of self-care that nourish every element of our physical being.

What comes from this?

A deeper sense of balance, self-love, and connection. You will begin to feel much more in sync with your true self and have a healthier relationship with your physical nature. 
4. Relationships
Relationships are a huge driving force in our lives, and the people we surround ourselves with play a critical role in our sense of well-being, joy, and support. 

Whether it's our family, friends, lovers, or community, creating a support system of people who bring out the best in us is crucial. 

But how do we do that...especially when relationships (even the best ones) naturally come with tricky situations and challenges?

Here's how we do it:

Together, we'll dive into the foundations that make your relationships thrive, including communication, personal boundaries, conflict resolution, trust, finding your voice, and compromise, to name a few. 

You'll learn to see others with curiosity instead of fear - opening space for new relationships, alongside understanding in greater depths the ones you've cherished for years.

I'll help you learn to step forward with vulnerability and recognize that we can all open ourselves up incrementally. You will also learn to trust that intuition always has your back.

You will return to a state of compassion and service to your community and we'll work together to practice and experience the value of extending our hearts to others.

What comes from all of this?

A flourishing network of wonderful people who love and care about you, making you feel safe to love and care for them in return.

Donna M.

"I think sometimes it takes a total stranger to speak honest truth into your life, and some of the most powerful and life-changing words came from my coaching with Evan. My life is forever changed. I've since found the strength and courage to leave a very unhealthy relationship, be confident in my business, and more importantly, I’ve learned my strength, my worthiness, my self! I’ll never be able to thank you enough." 
5. Spirituality
No matter your religion or beliefs, there's a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith and connection with life.

The same challenges that face us in other areas of our life, such as stress, work, busyness, etc., also cause us to lose our way and disconnect from our spirituality.

While finding balance in day-to-day life is important, it's also crucial to take a step back and consider our path more deeply. Without a connection to our deeper selves, we can end up feeling pretty lost. 

Here's how we plug back in:

Through sustained practices and self-reflection, you'll move beyond your surface-level understanding of life and gain a deeper insight into your purpose.

The result of this is a greater sense of trust, deeper self-awareness, and a clearer vision of how to conduct yourself in life. 
6. Balance
Balance is one of those catchy words that is often overused but widely misunderstood. 

We all know that feeling of being "out of balance" but it's hard to know not only how to rebalance ourselves but also what caused the imbalance in the first place.

That undeniable feeling of being swamped and trying to juggle too many things at once is all too common.

However, the truth is there's no universal formula for what a balanced life looks like. We are all unique, so the solution requires a more personalized touch. 

Here's how we get back to it:

We first look at the different elements of your life and how they impact one another.  

We'll deep dive into your commitments, your values, your goals for the future and where your energy is going. 

From there, we'll determine potential room for adjustments that will allow for a better sense of flow. 

We consolidate, simplify, and practice addition through subtraction, helping you to rediscover your balance.
7. Goals
When we are little, we believe that anything is possible. 

Our imaginations soared, and we viewed life with an electric sense of excitement. 

But as time goes on, we are told "no" - in a thousand different ways - and somewhere along the line, our faith in dreams, hopes, and ambitions is lost.

In addition, we inevitably, acquire and build stories around our "failures," further shaping our actions for better or worse.

With each "failure," our relentless inner critic makes us feel judged and hyper-aware of our mistakes. It can become very easy to feel overwhelmed and give up on our childlike excitement for the future.

But that doesn't have to be the end of your story. Here's how we chart a new course for life, starting now:

First, you take on the role of the dreamer. You allow yourself to see everything you could become and recognize your full potential. You'll dream and brainstorm, exploring everything you still wish to be. 

Then, you'll take on the role of the strategist. You see, 99% of the time that you fail at something, it has nothing to do with the goal itself. The goal is usually wonderful and set with great intention. It is your strategy to accomplish that goal that typically falls short. 

Together, we'll examine and build strategies using time-honored techniques that identify and eliminate potential issues before you ever put the plan into action. 

We will design a strategy that is efficient, powerful, and flexible, that allowing you to aptly manage any challenges that come along the way. Your new plan will always be unique to you, as it's built to leverage your unique talents and strengths. 

With a solid plan at your back, the road towards achieving your goal will not only feel approachable but attainable.

The net result of working on these seven pillars together is a huge leap forward in your personal development, and most importantly, a life brimming with fulfillment. 
      Exactly What You're Getting
      • Monthly 1-On-1 Phone Coaching Sessions: The magic of coaching comes from the personal relationship we build during our private sessions. Each month, we will have an hour-long phone coaching session (extra sessions are available) where we'll dive into what's currently happening in your life, work through any challenges or obstacles, and check in on the progress of our coaching program.
      • 100% Customized Coaching Program: In order to get to where you want to go, you need a plan designed specifically for you and your goals. I will create a tailor-made coaching program with specific practices, awareness exercises, and resources to help you grow and develop in these seven areas of focus. 
      • Email Coaching Access: Have a question or need some extra help? You will have 24/7 access to me via email, where we can address any topics, issues, or concerns that are coming up in your life and get them resolved quickly. Simply reach out to my dedicated private inbox whenever needed, explain your issues, and receive a detailed answer to your inquiry within 24 hours.
      • Accountability & Support: Life can get pretty busy at times, and we fall out of alignment with our intentions and practices. If I haven't heard from you in a while, I will check in via email to see how everything is going. This is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect, adjust our course if necessary, and answer any questions that may come up along the way. 
          Here's How To Get Started
          This program starts at $149 per 60-minute session (extra sessions are available upon request) and is designed for people who are truly ready to make some fantastic changes in their lives. 

          You must be willing to show up and you must be willing to dig in.

          If you can commit to those two things, I can help you.

          So, if you've recognized you're in a place in life where you want to take it to the next level or get past what's been holding you back...then this is for you. 

          Oh...and if you were wondering, hold onto your money for now. 

          I don’t want you to pay me a dime until you and I are both 100% sure this is the best thing for you to step into right now. There’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we get on an introduction call together and get to know each other.

          Interested? Let’s set up a time to talk ASAP!

          You can ask me any questions you may have, and I'm sure I'll ask you a few myself. If we both decide we’re a great fit, we can move forward.

          If we don’t, that’s completely fine. If you’re happy, I’m happy. It really is that simple.

          So, with that said, fill out your info below, and we’ll schedule a time to talk as soon as possible!
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          *Required: I fully understand that this program starts at $149 per session and I am ready and able to make that investment.
          What People Are Saying...

          Brendan C.

          "Coaching with Evan for the past 6 months has been absolutely incredible. He adjusted his coaching style to my mood and the way I learn, really honed in at the right level of detail and was flexible with how we worked together. Evan made me feel seen and heard in a way that I hadn't felt in years. The level of clarity you get from working with him transfers into every part of your life. I highly recommend working with him if you're looking for someone who can help you feel unstuck both in your mind and in your heart."

          Sophee H. 

          "The way Evan navigates the soul, body, mind and spirit is truly inspiring. He has helped me in a multitude of ways. I feel like I’m falling in love with myself all over again. Every time we talk, we dig deeper...even when I feel like it’s not possible. He creates a circle of trust and empathy that allows me to not only open up, but move forward in pure synchronicity with my authentic self. Coaching with Evan is one of the best decisions I could have made for myself."

          James K.

          "Evan provides a rare brand of transformational container. He blends his natural empathy and compassion with a high level of coaching expertise that supports your growth without making you feel like you're not okay as you are. In my experience, coaches tend to be best suited for either healing or growth. That's okay, but sometimes you need both with the same person. If that sounds like where you're at, you need to have a conversation with Evan."

          Jayne P.

          "I have had the pleasure of working with Evan for a few years, and it truly has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. Evan’s approach has been the perfect balance of being incredibly supportive, while still challenging me to deeply reflect so that I could grow beyond the safety of my comfort zone. I have gained skills and insight that serve me in all areas, including my professional life and in my relationships. I am much more aware, present, and grounded because of the work I have done with Evan. It has been a delicate dance of pushing me to be better and supporting me when I trip up, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other coach. I am truly indebted to Evan and recommend him without hesitation - his kindness, humor, and insight are unmatched." 

          Kristin K.

          "Evan has been instrumental in helping me shift my mindset and perspective when it comes to navigating life. He approaches a situation with understanding, patience, and wisdom, and uses examples and stories to bring it to life. His approach helps me understand that my struggles are merely the amazing yet painful human experience. He asks questions with genuine curiosity and good intention, seeking to not only understand but also illuminate for me a viewpoint I may not have thought of before. The cherry on top? Evan's kind-hearted and playful personality. He knows when to respect the heaviness of a situation, but also brings a lightness that makes you chuckle at yourself. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Evan and would recommend him to anyone."


          "I cannot thank Evan enough. He listened openly without being judgemental. He took the time to understand my issues. And most of all, he helped guide me towards the best choices for me. Thank you."

          Allie B.

          "Evan helped me get out of a really difficult time in my life that I couldn't have gotten through without his guidance and support. I went from being unemployed, overweight, unhappy, and barely able to perform basic day-to-day tasks because of mental health issues, to having a full time job, losing weight, and having the best relationship with myself I've had in years. I don't know how I would've gotten here without Evan's guidance!"

          Lisa F.

          "I’ve been working with Evan for about 6 months now and he has helped me get out of one of the most hopeless times of my life. I’ve spoken with many different types of professionals in the past but no one has helped me more than him. I was always a very negative “half glass empty” type of person, but Evan has shown me how to work with my thoughts, treat myself with love and respect and see the possibilities in life. My family and friends have all noticed these changes and my outlook on life has never been better."

          Sophia F.

          "Working with Evan has been one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself mentally, emotionally & spiritually. At the beginning of our work together, I felt very much lost in who I was and where I wanted my life to go. I knew I needed to make a change. Evan approached every call with such a caring presence and always listened even when I felt I didn't have much to say. Every time we talk he continues to challenge me to bring out the best version of myself even when I feel like its not possible. I will forever be grateful to Evan for his inspired approach to living life to the fullest capacity!

          Emilie S. 

          "I reached out to Evan during a time when I was stuck in the past and struggling to move on from a relationship. Evan was extremely easy to talk to from our very first conversation, supportive, encouraging, and gave me specific steps to take to start moving forward and living with more balance and joy. In particular, I loved the wisdom he shared that, "When things are going well, be patient, they'll change; when things are going poorly, be patient, they'll change." Fortunately or unfortunately, I only needed a few sessions of working with Evan before I felt like I had the tools I needed to move my life back into the direction I wanted. Evan is a wonderful soul and I couldn't recommend him more for anyone who needs a little help along the way!"

          Diana F.

          "After working with Evan for just a few months, my life has completely changed. I can't believe how my mindset has shifted after a relatively short time. I've done so many things in the past, but it was his gentle pushes in the right direction that helped me finally get it all in place. His kind nature and his gift as a life coach has prepared me beautifully for this next part of my journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

          Julienne B.

          "It's not easy asking for help, but if you're willing to do it, and you're open to letting someone challenge you, Evan's guidance is a sure-fire way to grow, wildly, out of whatever is holding you back. He will find ways in which you respond best to coaching and help you finally get out of your "stuck place" and onwards to your best self. Uncomfortable at times? Sure. All growth is. But you are absolutely worth it and Evan won't let you forget it."

          Fiona J.

          "I found Evan's compassion and support from the outset extraordinary. Before we started our work together, I felt lost and worthless. Yet from the beginning of our work together, I knew that this was a journey I had to take in order to grow to become the person I wanted to be in life. I can promise you if you are prepared to do the work, the rewards will come in abundance. The work we did together was such an integral part of my recovery so much so I believe if I had not undertaken the coaching I did with him I would still be stuck in my old story or worse. Now, I have a new story full of so much love, gratitude, courage and strength to face the world every day with a no matter what comes my way attitude."

          Jonathan D.

          "Working with Evan has been an experience that is quite different than any type of coaching I have had before. Evan has stood by my side encouraging a shift in consciousness. A shift that has been revitalizing. Frequently encouraging me to pause, appreciate, and draw from an abundance within. Our work has truly changed the course of my life."

          Amanda S.

          "I am trusting in my gut and going with it.  Now everything is coming together.  I’m in an all out sprint without even having to work. I don’t have to force anything or push for anything to get to the next spot…everything is just coming to me. It’s all just happening. This is the best I have ever felt with where I am, who I am and being me."

          Christie F.

          "Evan has a unique ability to draft a new life narrative that is meant to serve as a vision, a guidance point that set me into immediate action. He utilized his strong empathetic nature to unlock blocks, to fully engage my awareness, abilities and direction towards reaching my fullest potential."